[Numpy-discussion] Making numpy sensible: backward compatibility please

Robert Lupton the Good rhl at astro.princeton.edu
Fri Sep 28 18:18:14 EDT 2012

Gael puts in a plea for backward compatibility;  I totally agree.

Numpy sometimes goes out of its way to make this hard.  For example, when the syntax of histogram were changed you got a nice DepreciationWarning about an option to switch to the new behaviour; great.  But a few releases later that option went away and code carefully written to survive the transition stopped working;  that didn't make me a happy user.


> Also, putting more emphasis on backward compatibility is possible. For instance, the 'order' parameter added to np.copy could have defaulted to the old behavior, 'K', for a year, with a DeprecationWarning, same thing for the casting rules.
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