[Numpy-discussion] timezones and datetime64

Dave Hirschfeld dave.hirschfeld at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 15:09:42 EDT 2013

Travis Oliphant <travis <at> continuum.io> writes:

> Mark Wiebe and I are both still tracking NumPy development and can provide 
context and even help when needed.    Apologies if we've left a different 
impression.   We have to be prudent about the time we spend as we have other 
projects we are pursuing as well, but we help clients with NumPy issues all the 
time and are eager to continue to improve the code base. 
> It seems to me that the biggest issue is just the automatic conversion that is 
occurring on string or date-time input.   We should stop using the local time-
zone (explicit is better than implicit strikes again) and not use any time-zone 
unless time-zone information is provided in the string.      I am definitely +1 
on that.    
> It may be necessary to carry around another flag in the data-type to indicate 
whether or not the date-time is naive (not time-zone aware) or time-zone aware 
so that string printing does not print a time-zone if it didn't have one to 
begin with as well.  
> If others agree that this is the best way forward, then Mark or I can 
definitely help contribute a patch. 
> Best,
> -Travis

That sounds like a good solution.


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