[Numpy-discussion] dynamically choosing atlas libraries

Edward Walter ewalter+numpy at cs.cmu.edu
Fri Apr 5 13:08:22 EDT 2013

Hello List,

We're standing up a new computational cluster and going through the 
steps of building Numpy etc.  We would like to be able to install 
multiple versions of ATLAS (with different build settings / tunings / 
etc) and have Numpy load the shared Atlas libraries dynamically based on 

It's not clear to me how to do this given that the library path is hard 
coded in Numpy's site.cfg.  It seems like other people have gotten this 
working though (i.e. RHEL/Centos with their collection of Atlas versions 
{atlas, atlas-sse3, etc}).  Does anyone have any pointers on this?

Thanks much.

-Ed Walter
Carnegie Mellon University

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