[Numpy-discussion] dynamically choosing atlas libraries

David Verelst david.verelst at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 18:06:11 EDT 2013


Not a developer here, but I was under the impression that you can only use
the BLAS/LAPACK libraries that where chosen at build time?

As a side note: I've read [1] that OpenBLAS on some systems could perform
quite well compared to ATLAS, I used some simple benchmarks [2] and noticed
that on my system (Intel Core2 Duo P9700) there was also a big performance
gain. I build standard LAPACK against OpenBLAS. OpenBlas has been mentioned
a few times in the last months on this list too.


On 5 April 2013 19:08, Edward Walter <ewalter+numpy at cs.cmu.edu> wrote:

> Hello List,
> We're standing up a new computational cluster and going through the
> steps of building Numpy etc.  We would like to be able to install
> multiple versions of ATLAS (with different build settings / tunings /
> etc) and have Numpy load the shared Atlas libraries dynamically based on
> It's not clear to me how to do this given that the library path is hard
> coded in Numpy's site.cfg.  It seems like other people have gotten this
> working though (i.e. RHEL/Centos with their collection of Atlas versions
> {atlas, atlas-sse3, etc}).  Does anyone have any pointers on this?
> Thanks much.
> -Ed Walter
> Carnegie Mellon University
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