[Numpy-discussion] bug in deepcopy() of rank-zero arrays?

Chris Barker - NOAA Federal chris.barker at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 19 11:55:39 EDT 2013

Hi folks,

In [264]: np.__version__
Out[264]: '1.7.0'

I just noticed that deep copying a rank-zero array yields a scalar --
probably not what we want.

In [242]: a1 = np.array(3)

In [243]: type(a1), a1
Out[243]: (numpy.ndarray, array(3))

In [244]: a2 = copy.deepcopy(a1)

In [245]: type(a2), a2
Out[245]: (numpy.int32, 3)

regular copy.copy() seems to work fine:

In [246]: a3 = copy.copy(a1)

In [247]: type(a3), a3
Out[247]: (numpy.ndarray, array(3))

Higher-rank arrays seem to work fine:

In [253]: a1 = np.array((3,4))

In [254]: type(a1), a1
Out[254]: (numpy.ndarray, array([3, 4]))

In [255]: a2 = copy.deepcopy(a1)

In [256]: type(a2), a2
Out[256]: (numpy.ndarray, array([3, 4]))

Array scalars seem to work fine as well:

In [257]: s1 = np.float32(3)

In [258]: s2 = copy.deepcopy(s1)

In [261]: type(s1), s1
Out[261]: (numpy.float32, 3.0)

In [262]: type(s2), s2
Out[262]: (numpy.float32, 3.0)

There are other ways to copy arrays, but in this case, I had a dict
with a bunch of arrays in it, and needed a deepcopy of the dict. I was
surprised to find that my rank-0 array got turned into a scalar.



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