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On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 8:19 AM, Dave Hirschfeld
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> > Hi All,I think it is time to start the runup to the 1.8 release. I don't
> know of any outstanding blockers but if anyone has a PR/issue that they
> feel
> needs to be in the next Numpy release now is the time to make it
> known.Chuck
> >
> It would be good to get the utc-everywhere fix for datetime64 in there if
> someone has time to look into it.
> +1

I've been on vacation, so haven't written up the various notes and comments
as a NEP  yet -- I'll try to do that soon. There are some larger proposals
in the mix, which I doubt could be done by 1.8, but we really should fix
the "utc-everywhere" issue ASAP. I think it will be pretty easy to do, but
someone still needs to do it...



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