[Numpy-discussion] Using np.partition to extract n largest/smallest items from an array

Jaime Fernández del Río jaime.frio at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 02:07:28 EST 2013

With the new np.partition functionality, there is a more efficient, but
also less obvious, way of extracting the n largest (or smallest) elements
from an array, i.e.:

def smallest_n(a, n):
    return np.sort(np.partition(a, n)[:n])

def argsmallest_n(a, n):
    ret = np.argpartition(a, n)[:n]
    b = np.take(a, ret)
    return np.take(ret, np.argsort(b))

instead of the usual:


Are those 4 functions (smallest, argsmallest, largest, arglargest), with
adequate axis support, worthy of including in numpy, or is the name space
already too cluttered?


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