[Numpy-discussion] Segmentation fault with pickled numpy float64 arrays since 1.8

Hugo Gagnon opensource.numpy at user.fastmail.fm
Sat Dec 21 16:16:11 EST 2013


Since I've updated numpy from 1.7 to 1.8 with EPD I get segmentation faults whenever I load back pickled float64 arrays.  Here's a minimal example:


import numpy
import cPickle

a = numpy.arange(5, dtype='float64')

with open('test.p', 'wb') as fh:
    cPickle.dump(a, fh)

with open('test.p') as fh:
    a2 = cPickle.load(fh)

print a2


However the above works fine with int32 arrays, i.e. with a = numpy.arange(5).

Does anyone else experience this problem?

  Hugo Gagnon

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