[Numpy-discussion] restricting object arrays to a single Python type

Geoffrey Irving irving at naml.us
Tue Jul 16 19:44:37 EDT 2013

Is there a standard way of creating an object array restricted to a
particular python type?  I want a safe way of sending arrays of
objects back and forth between Python and C++, and it'd be great if I
could use numpy arrays on the Python side instead of creating a new

For example, I might have a C++ class Force which is simultaneously a
valid Python extension type (also named "Force").  I'd like to be able
to switch between Array<Force> on the C++ side and a suitable numpy
array on the Python side, while preventing Python from ever storing an
object with different type (say, a tuple) in the array.  Note that
Array<Force> has the memory representation of an array of PyObject*'s.


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