[Numpy-discussion] simpleselect v2.0

Graeme B. Bell grb at skogoglandskap.no
Fri Jul 19 14:23:00 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I've just released version 2.0 of simple select. In brief this is a drop-in replacement for numpy.select with the following qualities:

- Faster! (benchmarks 2-5x faster than numpy.select depending on use case and faster than v1.0 simpleselect)
- Full broadcasting. 
- All bugs in numpy.select fixed, tested.
- Better documented code.
- Improvements to the test harness.

I'm also submitting this as a pull request to the main numpy distribution, since it now covers all the functionality of numpy.select, but is faster and fixed long-standing bugs.

I've tested with the numpy runtests.py as well as a test harness and unit tests of my own. 

Hope it's useful. Drop me a mail if you have any feedback. 

Have a nice weekend all,

Graeme Bell

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