[Numpy-discussion] add .H attribute?

Alan G Isaac alan.isaac at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 13:53:54 EDT 2013

I'm trying to understand the state of this discussion.
I believe that propoents of adding a .H attribute have
primarily emphasized

- readability (and general ease of use)
- consistency with matrix and masked array
- forward looking (to a future when .H can be a view)

The opponents have primarily emphasized

- inconsistency with convention that for arrays
   instance attributes should return views

Is this a correct summary?

If it is correct, I believe the proponents' case is stronger.
All the considerations are valid, so it is a matter of
deciding how to weight them.

The alternative of offering a new method seems inferior in
terms of readability and consistency, and it is not adequately
forward looking.

If the alternative is nevertheless chosen, I suggest that it
should definitely *not* be .H(), both because of the conflict
with uses by matrix and masked array, and because I expect
that eventually the desire for an attribute will win the day,
and it would be a shame for the obvious notation to be lost.

Alan Isaac

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