[Numpy-discussion] numpy.filled, again

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Fri Jun 14 13:18:23 EDT 2013

On 2013/06/14 5:15 AM, Alan G Isaac wrote:
> On 6/14/2013 9:27 AM, Aldcroft, Thomas wrote:
>> If I just saw np.values(..) in some code I would never guess what it is doing from the name
> That suggests np.fromvalues.
> But more important than the name I think
> is allowing broadcasting of the values,
> based on NumPy's broadcasting rules.
> Broadcasting a scalar is then a special case,
> even if it is the case that has dominated this thread.

True, but this looks to me like mission creep.  All of this fuss is 
about replacing two lines of user code with a single line.  If it can't 
be kept simple, both in implementation and in documentation, it 
shouldn't be done at all.  I'm not necessarily opposed to your 
suggestion, but I'm skeptical.


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