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Benjamin Root ben.root at ou.edu
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On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 1:22 PM, Nathaniel Smith <njs at pobox.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 7:43 PM, Eric Firing <efiring at hawaii.edu> wrote:
> > On 2013/06/12 2:10 AM, Nathaniel Smith wrote:
> >> Personally I think that overloading np.empty is horribly ugly, will
> >> continue confusing newbies and everyone else indefinitely, and I'm
> >> 100% convinced that we'll regret implementing such a warty interface
> >> for something that should be so idiomatic. (Unfortunately I got busy
> >> and didn't actually say this in the previous thread though.) So I
> >> think we should just merge the PR as is. The only downside is the
> >> np.ma inconsistency, but, np.ma is already inconsistent (cf.
> >> masked_array.fill versus masked_array.filled!), somewhat deprecated,
> >
> > "somewhat deprecated"?  Really?  Since when?  By whom?  Replaced by what?
> Sorry, not trying to start a fight, just trying to summarize the
> situation. As far as I can tell:
Oh... (puts away iron knuckles)

> Despite heroic efforts on the part of its authors, numpy.ma has a
> number of weird quirks (masked data can still trigger invalid value
> errors), misfeatures (hard versus soft masks), and just plain old pain
> points (ongoing issues with whether any given operation will respect
> or preserve the mask).

Actually, now that we have a context manager for warning capture, we could
actually fix that.

> It's been in deep maintenance mode for some time; we merge the
> occasional bug fix that people send in, and that's it. (To be fair,
> numpy as a whole is fairly slow-moving, but numpy.ma still gets much
> less attention.)
> Even if there were active maintainers, no-one really has any idea how
> to fix any of the problems above; they're not so much bugs as
> intrinsic limitations of the design.

Therefore, my impression is that a majority (not all, but a majority)
> of numpy developers strongly recommend against the use of numpy.ma in
> new projects.
Such a recommendation should be in writing in the documentation and
elsewhere.  Furthermore, a proper replacement would also be needed.  Just
simiply deprecating it without some sort of decent alternative leaves
everybody in a lurch.  I have high hopes for NA to be that replacement, and
the sooner, the better.

> I could be wrong! And I know there's nothing to really replace it. I'd
> like to fix that. But I think "semi-deprecated" is not an unfair
> shorthand for the above.
You will have to pry np.ma from my cold, dead hands!  (or distract me with
a sufficiently shiny alternative)

> (I'll even admit that I'd *like* to actually deprecate it. But what I
> mean by that is, I don't think it's possible to fix it to the point
> where it's actually a solid/clean/robust library, so I'd like to reach
> a point where everyone who's currently using it is happier switching
> to something else and is happy to sign off on deprecating it.)

As far as many people are concerned, it is a solid, clean, robust library.

> >> and AFAICT there are far more people who will benefit from a clean
> >> np.filled idiom than who actually use np.ma (and in particular its
> >> fill-value functionality). So there would be two
> >
> > I think there are more np.ma users than you realize.  Everyone who uses
> > matplotlib is using np.ma at least implicitly, if not explicitly.  Many
> > of the matplotlib examples put np.ma to good use.  np.ma.filled is an
> > essential long-standing part of the np.ma API.  I don't see any good
> > rationale for generating a conflict with it, when an adequate
> > non-conflicting alternative ('np.initialized', maybe others) exists.
> I'm aware of that. If I didn't care about the opinions of numpy.ma
> users, I wouldn't go starting long and annoying mailing list threads
> about features that are only problematic because of their affect on
> numpy.ma :-).
> But, IMHO given the issues with numpy.ma, our number #1 priority ought
> to be making numpy proper as clean and beautiful as possible; my
> position that started this thread is basically just that we shouldn't
> make numpy proper worse just for numpy.ma's sake. That's the tail
> wagging the dog. And this 'conflict' seems a bit overstated given that
> (1) np.ma.filled already has multiple names (and 3/4 of the uses in
> matplotlib use the method version, not the function version), (2) even
> if we give it a non-conflicting name, np.ma's lack of maintenance
> means that it'd probably be years before someone got around to
> actually adding a parallel function to np.ma. [Unless this thread
> spurs someone into submitting one just to prove me wrong ;-).]
Actually, IIRC, np.ma does some sort of auto-wrapping of numpy functions.
This is why adding np.filled() would cause a namespace clobbering, I think.

Ben Root
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