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Thanks a lot,
              Both suggestions helped me and I could save it as below.

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>> Hi,
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>>> Thank you very much for this tip.
>>> Is there a typical way to save masked and the rest separately?. Not much familiar with array handling in numpy.
>> I don't use masked array myself, but it looks like it would be something like:
>> eof1_unmasked = np.array(eof1)
>> eof1_mask = eof1.mask
>> then you could save those two.  Maybe a more maskey person could comment?
>Instead of `eof1_unmasked=np.array(eof1)`, you could do `eof1_unmasked = eof1.data`. The '.data' attribute points to  a view of the masked array as a simple ndarray.
>You may also wanna try `eof1.torecords()` that will return a structured array with dtype `[('_data',type_of_eof1),('_mask', bool)]`. 
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