[Numpy-discussion] scipy.weave + nose testing no longer works with numpy 1.7.0

Marcel Stimberg marcelcoding+numpy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 11:14:22 EST 2013


I noticed that our unit tests running under nose and using scipy.weave
started to fail with numpy 1.7.0 because of a change in
numpy.distutils.exec_command (called by scipy.weave) which now assumes
that sys.stdout always provides a fileno function (which fails because
nose redirect stdout to a cStringIO). I guess the combination of
scipy.weave and nose is not that unusual for scientific software,
maybe 1.7.1 could make the exec_command a bit more robust in that
regard? I filed the issue as #2999 in github (including a simple
example triggering the error):


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