[Numpy-discussion] Request code review of numpy.i changes

Egor Zindy ezindy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 09:27:24 EDT 2013

Thanks Bill,

I wasn't happy with my use of either PyCObject_FromVoidPtr or
PyArray_BASE. Both are now deprecated.

So I updated all the ARGOUTVIEWM_ definitions with

    PyObject* cap = PyCapsule_New((void*)(*$1), SWIGPY_CAPSULE_NAME,
    PyObject* cap = PyCObject_FromVoidPtr((void*)(*$1),

%#if NPY_API_VERSION < 0x00000007
  PyArray_BASE(array) = cap;

This could probably be improved with the use of a macro, and checking
the returned value of PyArray_SetBaseObject wouldn't hurt either.
Anyway, it's a start. Hopefully I haven't messed my use of either
SWIGPY_CAPSULE_NAME or SWIG_Python_DestroyModule here.

Other changes I made relate to various warnings, in particular
relating to the use of  SWIG_Python_AppendOutput($result, XXX) where
XXX should be a PyObject but was a PyArrayObject.

In ARGOUTVIEW / ARGOUTVIEWM typedefs, I made sure there was a

  PyObject* obj = PyArray_SimpleNewFromData(3, dims, DATA_TYPECODE,
  PyArrayObject* array = (PyArrayObject*) obj;

which allows me to then use (instead of ,array)
  $result = SWIG_Python_AppendOutput($result,obj);

In the other few other instances where this construct doesn't apply
(ARGOUT_ARRAY1 for example) I used typecasting
  $result = SWIG_Python_AppendOutput($result,(PyObject*)array$argnum);

I can't think of anything else at this stage.

Kind regards,

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