[Numpy-discussion] OpenOpt Suite release 0.45

Dmitrey tmp50 at ukr.net
Sat Mar 16 05:31:37 EDT 2013

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Дата: 15 марта 2013, 22:54:21

On 3/15/2013 3:34 PM, Dmitrey wrote:
> the suspected bugs are not documented yet

I'm going to guess that the state of the F_i changes
when you use them as keys (i.e., when you call __le__.

no, their state doesn't change for operations like __le__ . AFAIK
searching Python dict doesn't calls __le__ on the object keys at all, it
operates with method .__hash__(), and latter returns fixed integer
numbers assigned to the objects earlier (at least in my case).

 It is very hard to imagine that this is a Python or NumPy bug.


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