[Numpy-discussion] how to efficiently select multiple slices from an array?

Andreas Hilboll lists at hilboll.de
Wed Mar 20 11:31:04 EDT 2013

Cross-posting a question I asked on SO

Given an array

    d = np.random.randn(100)

and an index array

    i = np.random.random_integers(low=3, high=d.size - 5, size=20)

how can I efficiently create a 2d array r with

    r.shape = (20, 8)

such that for all j=0..19,

    r[j] = d[i[j]-3:i[j]+5]

In my case, the arrays are quite large (~200000 instead of 100 and 20),
so something quick would be useful.

Cheers, Andreas.

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