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On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 7:56 PM, Jonathan Rocher <jrocher at enthought.com>wrote:

> Dear all,
> One recurring question is how to *grow the contributor base* to NumPy and
> provide help and relief to core developers and maintainers.
>  One way to do this would be to *leverage the upcoming SciPy conference*in 2 ways:
>    1. Provide an intermediate or advanced level tutorial on NumPy
>    focusing on teaching the C-API and the architecture of the package to help
>    people navigate the source code, and find answers to precise deep
>    questions. I think that many users would be interested in being better able
>    to understand the underlayers to become powerful users (and contributors if
>    they want to).
>    2. Organize a Numpy sprint to leverage all this freshly graduated
>    students apply what they learned to tackle some of the work under the
>    guidance of core developers.
>  This would be a great occasion to share and grow knowledge that is
> fundamental to our community. And the fact that the underlayers are in C is
> fine IMHO: SciPy is about scientific programming in Python and that is done
> with a lot of C.
> *Thoughts? Anyone interested in leading a tutorial (can be a team of
> people)? Anyone willing to coordinate the sprint? Who would be willing to
> be present and help during the sprint? *

First thought: excellent initiative. I'm not going to be at SciPy, but I'm
happy to coordinate a numpy/scipy sprint at EuroScipy. Going to email the
organizers right now.


> Note that there is less than 1 week left until the tutorial submission
> deadline. I am happy to help brainstorm on this to make it happen.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan and Andy, for the SciPy2013 organizers
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