[Numpy-discussion] howto reduce along arbitrary axis

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 09:07:07 EDT 2013

In the following code, the function maxstar is applied along the
last axis.  Can anyone suggest how to modify this to apply reduction along
a user-specified axis?

def maxstar2 (a, b):
    return max (a, b) + log1p (exp (-abs (a - b)))

def maxstar (u):
    s = u.shape[-1]
    if s == 1:
        return u[...,0]
    elif s == 2:
        return maxstar2 (u[...,0], u[...,1])
        return maxstar2 (
            maxstar (u[...,:s/2]),
            maxstar (u[...,s/2:]))

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