[Numpy-discussion] www.scipy.org down?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Thu May 9 10:46:25 EDT 2013

On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 3:25 PM, KACVINSKY Tom <Tom.KACVINSKY at 3ds.com> wrote:
> Unfortunately, the Mac OS downloads won't work for us as they install into the system Python.  We have a custom built Python (2.7.3) so I compiled from source.  I noticed a few things:
> 1.  The modules compiled from C source have an extension of .so, not .dylib

As do all Python extension modules.

> 2.  I installed nose so I could run the numpy tests, but 0 tests ran.

Without more information about exactly what command you tried and in
what context (like the current working directory), there is no way for
us to help you except to point you to the relevant section of the


> 3.  I configured numpy to use MKL as per the instructions on Intel's site, but the build still used the Accelerate framework provided by Apple.
> Given all of this, whom do I speak to regarding numpy builds on Mac OS?

This mailing list.

Robert Kern

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