[Numpy-discussion] www.scipy.org down?

Thu May 9 11:06:57 EDT 2013

I assume this is a bottom post list, so my answers are below...

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On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 3:25 PM, KACVINSKY Tom <Tom.KACVINSKY at 3ds.com> wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the Mac OS downloads won't work for us as they install into the system Python.

>They actually install in a python installed from python.org, not system

>>  We have a custom built Python (2.7.3) so I compiled from source.  I noticed a few things:
>> 1.  The modules compiled from C source have an extension of .so, not .dylib

> .so is the usual extension for python extensions on mac os x

OK, this is good to know.

>> 2.  I installed nose so I could run the numpy tests, but 0 tests ran.

>How did you run nose ?

Per the instructions in the README file.

>> 3.  I configured numpy to use MKL as per the instructions on Intel's site, but the build still used the Accelerate framework provided by Apple.

>Setting up the MKL is a bit tedious, but essentially, you need to create a site.cfg in the source tree that looks as follows:

>library_dirs = "where the libraries are"
>include_dirs = "where the headers are"
>libpack_libs = mkl_lapack95
>mkl_libs = mkl_intel,mkl_intel_thread, mkl_core, mkl_p4m, mkl_p4p

>and (that's the undocumented/buggy part), set ATLAS=1 to disable accelerate.

This is what I have for my site.cfg file:

include_dirs = /u/users/tky/mklinc
library_dirs = /u/users/tky/mkllib
mkl_libs = mkl_sequential,mkl_intel_lp64,mkl_core
lapack_libs = mkl_sequential,mkl_intel_lp64,mkl_core

I am using MKL 11 update 3, which uses a different set of libraries for linking.  Where do I set ATLAS=1?

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