[Numpy-discussion] printing array in tabular form

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Thank you,
              But I was looking for  a format statement likw write(*,"(A,5F8.3)")
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>On 9 May 2013 10:06, Sudheer Joseph <sudheer.joseph at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> However writing a formatted out put looks to be bit tricky with python
>> relative to other programing languages.
>If performance is not an issue, you could do it by hand, as you can
>always do in any programming language:
>savefile = open('data.txt', 'w')
>N = len(IL)
>for start in xrange(N/5):
>   if start+5 > N:
>     end = N
>   else:
>     end = start+5
>   print >> savefile, IL[start : end]
>But this is actually more verbose, and once you get into NumPy
>workflow, it is actually simple.
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