[Numpy-discussion] printing array in tabular form

Sudheer Joseph sudheer.joseph at yahoo.com
Fri May 10 07:20:07 EDT 2013

   I am trying to learn Python after feeling its utility in coding  and also reading a bit about 
its potential only, please do not put words in to my mouth like below.

>> Before denigrating a programming language

If some one has a quick way I would like to learn from them or get a referecence 
where the formatting part is described which was 
my intention while posting here. As I have been using fortran I just tried 
to use it to explain my requirement

with best regards,

From: Daniele Nicolodi <daniele at grinta.net>

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>Subject: Re: [Numpy-discussion] printing array in tabular form
>On 10/05/2013 11:14, Sudheer Joseph wrote:
>> However writing a formatted out put looks to be bit tricky with
>> python relative to other programing languages.
>> I was looking for a format statement likw write(*,"(A,5F8.3)")
>Before denigrating a programming language I would make sure to have a
>basic understanding of it.  Every language is going to be tricky if you
>approach it with the mindset of Fortran programming.
>The output format you are trying to obtain is easy in forrtran because
>it is how the default text output formatting is designed.  Of course
>obtaining it with a different programming language / numerical library
>takes some more effort. But is not tricky at all.
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