[Numpy-discussion] Equvalent function for Ceil() and Floor()

Bakhtiyor Zokhidov bakhtiyor_zokhidov at mail.ru
Mon May 20 11:21:50 EDT 2013


I am using ceil() and floor() function to get upper and lower value of some numbers. Let's say:

import math
x1 = 0.35
y1 = 4.46
>>> math.ceil(x1)
>>> math.floor(y1)

The problem is that If I want to get upper and lower values for the certain step, for example, step = 0.25, ceil() function should give:
new_ceil(x1, step) => 0.5
new_floor(y1, step) => 4.25
Because, the step is 0.25

Question: How I can I achieve those results by using ceil() and floor() function, or Is there any equvalent function for that?
--  Bakhti
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