[Numpy-discussion] np.dot and 'out' bug

Nicolas Rougier Nicolas.Rougier at inria.fr
Thu May 23 10:50:11 EDT 2013

> Sure, that's clearly what's going on, but numpy shouldn't let you
> silently shoot yourself in the foot like that. Re-using input as
> output is a very common operation, and usually supported fine.
> Probably we should silently make a copy of any input(s) that overlap
> with the output? For high-dimensional dot, buffering temprary
> subspaces would still be more memory efficient than anything users
> could reasonably accomplish by hand.

Also, from a user point of view it is difficult to sort out which functions currently allow 'out=a' or  out=b' since nothing in the 'dot' documentation warned me about such problem.


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