[Numpy-discussion] review/approval request

Graeme B. Bell grb at skogoglandskap.no
Tue Oct 1 09:17:14 EDT 2013

Regarding 1.8:

A few months ago I submitted a patch that fixes some bugs, including a major bug in select() that has been around for years, and optimised the code quite a bit.  


It would be nice to see the patch in 1.8, but it has languished for a couple of months waiting for final approval/merging. 

The patch is pretty small and the new code is not complicated. 

Are there any core devs that would have time/interest to help me get this approved/merged into numpy master? I have already adjusted the patch as suggested by njsmith to suit inclusion in master. 


>>> 331701
>> I can't tell if these are real bugs in numpy, or tests checking that
>> bottleneck is bug-for-bug compatible with old numpy and we just fixed
>> some bugs, or what. It's clearly something to do with the
>> nanarg{max,min} rewrite -- @charris, do you know what's going on here?
> Yes ;) The previous behaviour of nanarg for all-nan axis was to cast nan to
> intp when the result was an array, and return nan when a scalar. The
> current behaviour is to return the most negative value of intp as an error
> marker in both cases and raise a warning. It is a change in behavior, but I
> think one that needs to be made.
> Chuck
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