[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] MATLAB ODE solvers - now available in Python (Dmitrey)

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> Seems like using the MATLAB solvers with MCR requires my wrappers
> containing in several files to be compiled with MATLAB Compiler before. I
> have no license for MATLAB thus I may have problems if I'll make it done
> and will spread it with OpenOpt suite code, also, binary files are
> incompatible with BSD license.

Darn, knew it was too good to be true.

> On the other hand, IIRC a little bit obsolete MATLAB versions (I don't
> think difference is essential) have more liberal licenses.
> As for MATLAB solvers examples, I have already mentioned them in the mail
> list, you could see them in http://openopt.org/ODE (just replace solver
> name from scipy_lsoda to ode23s or any other), http://openopt.org/NLP ,
> http://openopt.org/SNLE

Oooops, so sorry. :-o


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