[Numpy-discussion] RFC: is it worth giving a lightning talk at PyCon 2014 on numpy vbench-marking?

Nathaniel Smith njs at pobox.com
Tue Oct 15 13:00:39 EDT 2013

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 5:13 PM, Yaroslav Halchenko
<lists at onerussian.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> PyCon 2014 will be just around the corner from where I am, so I decided
> to attend.  Being lazy (or busy) I haven't submitted any big talk but thinking
> to submit few lightning talks (just 5 min and 400 characters abstract limit),
> and I think it might be worth letting people know about my little project.  I
> would really appreciate your sincere feedback (e.g. "not worth it" would be
> valuable too).  Here is the title/abstract
>     numpy-vbench -- speed benchmarks for NumPy
>     http://yarikoptic.github.io/numpy-vbench provides collection of speed
>     performance benchmarks for NumPy.  Benchmarking of multiple
>     maintenance and current development branches allows not only to timely
>     react to new performance regressions, but also to compare NumPy
>     performance across releases.  Your contributions would help to
>     guarantee that your code does not become slower with a new NumPy
>     release.

What do you have to lose?

> btw -- fresh results are here http://yarikoptic.github.io/numpy-vbench/ .
> I have tuned benchmarking so it now reflects the best performance across
> multiple executions of the whole battery, thus eliminating spurious
> variance if estimate is provided from a single point in time.  Eventually I
> expect many of those curves to become even "cleaner".

On another note, what do you think of moving the vbench benchmarks
into the main numpy tree? We already require everyone who submits a
bug fix to add a test; there are a bunch of speed enhancements coming
in these days and it would be nice if we had some way to ask people to
submit a benchmark along with each one so that we know that the
enhancement stays enhanced...


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