[Numpy-discussion] Error occurance on Skimage 0.9.0 version

Happyman bahtiyor_zohidov at mail.ru
Thu Sep 5 11:20:03 EDT 2013

 Yeap I have installed visual studio, but I am a bit far away from installation and dealing vs such problems.. :))
My computer is Win64. I woulb be grateful if you could give me the steps of installation with some comments for Win64


Четверг,  5 сентября 2013, 16:10 +02:00 от Jerome Kieffer <Jerome.Kieffer at esrf.fr>:
>On Thu, 05 Sep 2013 17:35:16 +0400
>Happyman < bahtiyor_zohidov at mail.ru > wrote:
>>  Hello,
>> I downloaded skimage 0.9.0dev version and installed like following on Windows;
>> cd C:\skimage\python setup.py install.
>> One error occurred: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat . It is not the first time I have been taken such an error.
>> What is the best way to avoid this problem???
>> Any answers will be appreciated
>it looks like it is looking for the visual studio compiler ... do you have it ?
>if not try mingw32 (only for windows32 bits) it often works.
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happy Man
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