[Numpy-discussion] can argmax be used to return row and column indices?

Mark Bakker markbak at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 04:27:35 EDT 2013

Thanks, Gregorio.
I would like it if argmax had a keyword option to return the row,column
index automatically (or whatever the dimension of the array).
Afterall, argmax already knows the shape of the array.
Calling np.unravel_index( np.argmax( A ) ) seems unnecessarily long. But it
works well though!
I am not sure that such a PR would get much support....
Thanks again,

Hi Mark,
> You're looking for "np.unravel_index" function.
> Cheers,
> Gregorio


Hello list,
> I am trying to find the indices of the maximum value in a 2D array.
> argmax works fine, but returns the index in the flattened array.
> That is often not very convenient.
> Is there a function that returns the index of the row and column?
> Or can the index of the flattened array easily be converted to the row can
> column indices (I know, I can write a function for that, but I figure numpy
> already has one).
> Thanks,
> Mark
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