[Numpy-discussion] shape is (3,4) or (3L,4L) ?

Pierre Haessig pierre.haessig at crans.org
Fri Sep 13 05:30:37 EDT 2013

Hi Robert,

Le 13/09/2013 11:22, Robert Kern a écrit :
> The Python `int` type represents a C `long` integer. On almost all
> 32-bit platforms, a C `long` is 32-bits, and memory addresses and
> offsets are also 32-bits. On 64-bit platforms, memory addresses and
> offsets are 64-bits, but nothing in the C standard forces the `long`
> type to be 64-bits. Most UNIXy 64-bit platforms choose to make the
> `long` type 64-bits, but Win64 decided to keep them 32-bits for binary
> compatibility with the Windows API.
> [...]
Thanks for the nice explanation !


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