[Numpy-discussion] Indexing changes/deprecations

Richard Hattersley rhattersley at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 14:14:46 EDT 2013

On 27 September 2013 13:27, Sebastian Berg <sebastian at sipsolutions.net>wrote:

> And most importantly, is there any behaviour thing in the index
> machinery that is bugging you, which I may have forgotten until now?

Well, since you asked... I'd *love* to see the fancy indexing behaviour
moved to a separate method(s).

Yes, I know! I'm not realistically expecting that to be tackled right now.
And it sometimes seems like something of a sacred idol that one is not
supposed to question. But I've kept quiet on the issue for too long and
would love to know if anyone else thinks the same. It confuses people.
Actually, it confuses the hell out of people. I'm *still* finding out new
quirks of its behaviour and I've been using NumPy in a professional role
for years... although you should bear in mind I could just be a slow
learner. ;-)
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