[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] MATLAB fmincon now available in Python2

Dmitrey tmp50 at ukr.net
Mon Sep 30 16:32:41 EDT 2013

Hi all, 
current state of Python <-> MATLAB connection soft doesn't allow passing of function handlers, however, a walkaround has been implemented via some tricks, so now MATLAB function fmincon is available in Python-written OpenOpt and FuncDesigner frameworks (with possibility of automatic differentiation,  example ). 

Future plans  include MATLAB fsolve, ode23, ode45 (unlike scipy fsolve and ode they can handle sparse matrices), fgoalattain, maybe global optimization toolbox solvers. 

I intend to post the message to several forums, so to keep discussion in a single place use OpenOpt forum thread 

Regards, D. 
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