[Numpy-discussion] Writing successful tests

matt at pagan.io matt at pagan.io
Mon Apr 14 00:26:44 EDT 2014


I'm working on an additional function for numpy/lib/twodim_base.py. I'm
trying to add some tests for the new function, and
numpy/lib/tests/test_twodim_base.py seems like the right place for 
My problem is travis-ci tells me my tests are no good.

The error message I get on my local machine is:

ValueError: no such test method in <class '__main__.TestElementary'>:

(TestElementary is the class I made to put my tests in).

This error makes me think I need a to put in a function like

def __init__(self, methodName="runTest"):

or maybe

def runTest(self):

somewhere. I don't see functions like this associated with any of the
other classes in numpy/lib/tests/test_twodim_base.py though.

Any hints on how to proceed?

Matt Pagan
matt at pagan.io
PGP: 0xE9284418E360583C

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