[Numpy-discussion] string replace

Siegfried Gonzi siegfried.gonzi at ed.ac.uk
Sun Apr 20 11:25:18 EDT 2014

Hi all

I know this is not numpy related but a colleague insists the following 
is supposed to work. But it doesn't:

line_left = './erfo/restart.ST010.EN0001-EN0090.YYYYMMDDhh'
enafix = 'ST000.EN0001-EN0092'
line_left = line_left.replace('STYYY.ENXXXX-ENXXXX', enafix)
print 'line_left',line_left

[right answer would be: ./erfo/restart.ST000.EN0001-EN0092.YYYYMMDDhh' ]

I think it works in Fortran but not in Python. What would be the easiest 
way to replacing this kind of pattern in a variable lenght string?


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