[Numpy-discussion] last call for numpy 1.8.2 bugfixes

Julian Taylor jtaylor.debian at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 4 18:05:43 EDT 2014

as numpy 1.9 is going to be a relative hard upgrade as indexing changes
expose a couple bugs in third party packages and the large amount of
small little incompatibilities I will create a numpy 1.8.2 release
tomorrow with a couple of important or hard to work around bugfixes.

The most important bugfix is fixing the wrong result partition with
multiple selections could produce if selections ended up in an equal
range, see https://github.com/numpy/numpy/issues/4836 (if the crash is
still unreproducable, help appreciated).

the rest of the fixes are small ones listed below.
If I have missed one or you consider one of the fixes to invasive for a
bugfix release please speak up now.
As the number of fixes is small I will skip a release candidate.

Make fftpack._raw_fft threadsafe

Prevent division by zero

Fix lack of NULL check in array_richcompare

incorrect argument order to _copyto in in np.nanmax, np.nanmin

Hold GIL for types with fields, fixes

svd ufunc typo

check alignment of strides for byteswap

add missing elementsize alignment check for simd reductions

ifort has issues with optimization flag /O2

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