[Numpy-discussion] Changing the numpy array into required shape

Cleo Drakos cleo21drakos at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 02:14:54 EDT 2014

Hello numpy users:

I have 2d numpy array of 480 rows and 1440 columns as named by 'data' below:

The first element belongs to (49.875S,179.875W),
the second element belongs to (49.625S,179.625W),and the last element
belongs to (49.875N,179.875E).
import os, glob, gdal, numpy as np

fname = '3B42RT.2014010606.7.bin'
with open(fname, 'rb') as fi:
    data = np.fromfile(fi,dtype=np.uint16,count=480*1440)
    data = data.byteswap()
    data = data.reshape(1440,480)

 How can I convert this numpy array so that its first element belongs to
(49.875N,179.625W), i.e., upper left latitude and longitude respectively;
and the last element belong to (49.625S,179.875E), i.e., lower right
latitute and longitude respectively.

I tried to rotate it, but I do not think it is correct.

 data = np.rot90(data,1)

 Have some of you experienced with this type of problem? The binary file I
am using is here:

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