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Hi Maniteja,

On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 4:04 PM, Maniteja Nandana <
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> Hello everyone,
> I am a novice in open source. I needed a small guidance in creating a
> local build of a repository. I was trying to make simple changes in a
> cloned copy of numpy ( here it was numpy/numoy/ma/core.py ). If I need to
> see the effect of these changes in actual working, are there any build and
> install options to be used, in order to test the way these changes affect
> the actual working or do I need to create a virtual environment? In this
> case, I wanted to tweak the count function in ma to just get a better
> understanding.

You don't need a virtualenv. If you want to only run the tests and make
sure your changes pass the test suite, the easiest option is ``python
runtests.py`` in your numpy repo root dir. You can also run tests for a
particular module that way - see the docstring of runtests.py for more

If you want to use your modified numpy to for example import in IPython and
play with it, I would use an in-place build. So ``python setup.py build_ext
-i``, and then you can make python find that in-place build by adding the
repo to your PYTHONPATH or by running ``python setup.py develop``. If you
then make changes to Python code they're immediately visible, if you change
compiled code you have to rebuild in-place again.


> Regards,
> Maniteja.
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