[Numpy-discussion] ANN: Scipy 0.13.3 release

Ralf Gommers ralf.gommers at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 02:16:39 EST 2014


I'm happy to announce the availability of the scipy 0.13.3 release. This is
a bugfix only release; it contains fixes for regressions in ndimage and

Source tarballs can be found at
https://sourceforge.net/projects/scipy/files/scipy/0.13.3/ and on PyPi.
Release notes copied below, binaries will follow later (the regular build
machine is not available for the next two weeks).


SciPy 0.13.3 Release Notes

SciPy 0.13.3 is a bug-fix release with no new features compared to 0.13.2.
Both the weave and the ndimage.label bugs were severe regressions in 0.13.0,
hence this release.

Issues fixed
- 3148: fix a memory leak in ``ndimage.label``.
- 3216: fix weave issue with too long file names for MSVC.

Other changes
- Update Sphinx theme used for html docs so ``>>>`` in examples can be

0547c1f8e8afad4009cc9b5ef17a2d4d  release/installers/scipy-0.13.3.tar.gz
20ff3a867cc5925ef1d654aed2ff7e88  release/installers/scipy-0.13.3.zip
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