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On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 12:01 AM, jennifer stone
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> With GSoC 2014 being round the corner, I hereby put up few projects for
> discussion that I would love to pursue as a student.
> Guidance, suggestions are cordially welcome:-
> 1. If I am not mistaken, contour integration is not supported by SciPy; in
> fact even line integrals of real functions is yet to be implemented in
> SciPy, which is surprising. Though we at present have SymPy for line
> Integrals, I doubt if there is any open-source python package supporting
> the calculation of Contour Integrals. With integrate module of SciPy
> already having been properly developed for definite integration,
> implementation of line as well as contour integrals, I presume; would not
> require work from scratch and shall be a challenging but fruitful project.
> 2. I really have no idea if the purpose of NumPy or SciPy would encompass
> this but we are yet to have indefinite integration. An implementation of
> that, though highly challenging, may open doors for innumerable other
> functions like the ones to calculate the Laplace transform, Hankel
> transform and many more.
> 3. As stated earlier, we have spherical harmonic functions (with much
> scope for dev) we are yet to have elliptical and cylindrical harmonic
> function, which may be developed.
> 4. Lastly, we are yet to have Inverse Laplace transforms which as Ralf has
> rightly pointed out it may be too challenging to implement.
> 5. Further reading the road-map given by Mr.Ralf, I would like to develop
> the Bluestein's FFT algorithm.
> Thanks for reading along till the end. I shall append to this mail as when
> I am struck with ideas. Please do give your valuable guidance

Another idea: add support for discrete wavelet transforms in scipy.signal.
There's a fair bit of interest for those here I think. It would start by
integrating https://github.com/rgommers/pywt, then adding some new
features. Feature ideas:
- 1-D and 2-D inverse SWT (have been requested several times on the
PyWavelets list and issue tracker).
- signal denoising (SureShrink & co, for scipy.signal)
- image compression/denoising/... algorithms (for scikit-image)

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