[Numpy-discussion] deprecate numpy.matrix

alex argriffi at ncsu.edu
Sun Feb 9 17:55:49 EST 2014

On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 5:12 PM, Alan G Isaac wrote:
> On 2/9/2014 4:59 PM, alex wrote:
>> """
>> The ``numpy.matrix`` API provides a low barrier to using Python
>> for linear algebra, just as the pre-3 Python ``input`` function
>> and ``print`` statement provided low barriers to using Python for
>> automatically evaluating input and for printing output.
>> On the other hand, it really needs to be deprecated.
>> Let's deprecate ``numpy.matrix``.
>> """
>> I understand that numpy.matrix will not be deprecated any time soon,
>> but I hope this will register as a vote to help nudge its deprecation
>> closer to the realm of acceptable discussion.
> I believe you will want to see the archived discussions of this
> controversial issue before broaching it again, and then
> when you do so, broach it in terms of the points that
> have been raised **in great detail** in the past.

I haven't followed the numpy mailing list, but some googling found a
six years old thread
where Nathan Bell raised the question of numpy.matrix deprecation and
you replied that you find them helpful for teaching and that you
personally find them convenient to use.  Perhaps coincidentally (or
not...) I'm working on the same kinds of problems in scipy development
(functions involving sparse matrices and abstract linear operators) as
Nathan Bell had been working on when he made this post.

I understand that unless I am aware of the history of this discussion
there is no point in my broaching this controversial issue directly,
but perhaps I could broach it indirectly by asking if anyone with a
deeper understanding of the background of this issue has compiled some
document enumerating or summarizing the points that have been made?


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