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> > Just to forestall the usual "just start them with arrays, eventually
> they'll
> > be grateful" reply, I would want to hear that suggestion only from
> someone
> > who has used it successfully with undergraduates in the social sciences.
> I teach psychologists and neuroscientists mainly - you can get an idea
> of the level I'm teaching at from the notebook I posted earlier in the
> thread.
> I can't speak to my success in any objective way, but I didn't hear
> the students complain about the X.dot(Y).  This may be because
> a) only some of them have much experience of or liking for matlab
> b) some of them have the impression that Python is the way to go, and
> they accept that this will mean some changes
> c) not much of the code they see is of the form: X * (X.T * X).I * X.T
> .  In fact, the notebook I posted was the closest to that stuff.  In
> any  case I personally found it easier show the ideas using sympy.

In support of Alan's view:

Linear models in econometrics is all linear algebra, and GAUSS is still
popular among econometricians because you can write a lot of code just like
in the paper. (although GAUSS isn't as popular as it was some time ago, but
matlab is not much different.)


statsmodels doesn't use masked arrays; structured dtypes and recarrays are
only used for input, and might be replaced by pandas.DataFrames,  pandas is
creeping into more core areas of statsmodels.

I'm not voting in favor of removing everything in numpy that I'm not using.


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> Matthew
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