[Numpy-discussion] Requesting Code Review of nanmedian ENH

alex argriffi at ncsu.edu
Sun Feb 16 13:11:12 EST 2014

On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 1:01 PM, David Freese <dfreese at stanford.edu> wrote:
> the 0s put into the array copy "arr" are not used in computation.  The
> _replace_nan call is used primarily to generate a mask of the NaNs and make
> sure it passes the mutation test.  I updated the unit tests to reflect
> negative values, which works.  (and the documentation should be cleaned up
> now)
> https://github.com/dfreese/numpy/compare/master...feature;nanmedian

It doesn't deal with numpy.matrix in the same way as numpy.nanmean.  For example

>>> import numpy as np
>>> m = np.matrix([[np.nan, np.nan, 1]])
>>> np.isscalar(np.nanmean(m))
>>> np.isscalar(np.nanmedian(m))

Some of the nanfunctions.py code has comments regarding carefulness in
dealing with subclasses of numpy.ndarray (like numpy.matrix), and some
of the nanfunctions tests include tests for this kind of behavior.

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