[Numpy-discussion] using loadtxt to load a text file in to a numpy array

Julian Taylor jtaylor.debian at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 15 07:43:50 EST 2014

On 01/15/2014 01:38 PM, Julian Taylor wrote:
> On 01/15/2014 11:25 AM, Daπid wrote:
>> On 15 January 2014 11:12, Hedieh Ebrahimi <hedieh.ebrahimi at amphos21.com
> for utf 8 data:
>      d = np.loadtxt(file, dtype='utf8')

ups this is a very bad example as we can't have utf8 as its variable 
length, but we can have ascii and ucs-2 for lower footprint encodings 
with proper python string integration.

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