[Numpy-discussion] Allowing slices as arguments for ndarray.take

Stephan Hoyer shoyer at climate.com
Thu Jan 16 19:28:53 EST 2014

There was a discussion last year about slicing along specified axes in
numpy arrays:

I'm finding that slicing along specified axes is a common task for me when
writing code to manipulate N-D arrays.

The method ndarray.take basically does what I would like, except it cannot
take slice objects as argument. In the mean-time, I've written a little
helper function:

def take(a, indices, axis):
    index = [slice(None)] * a.ndim
    index[axis] = indices
    return a[tuple(index)]

Is there support for allowing the `indices` argument to `take` to take
Python slice objects as well as arrays? That would alleviate the need for
my helper function.

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