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> On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 9:26 AM, jennifer stone <jenny.stone125 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> >What are your interests and experience? If you use numpy, are there
>>> things
>>> >you would like to fix, or enhancements you would like to see?
>>> Chuck
>>  I am an undergraduate student with CS as major and have interest in Math
>> and Physics. This has led me to use NumPy and SciPy to work on innumerable
>> cases involving special polynomial functions and polynomials like Legendre
>> polynomials, Bessel Functions and so on. So, The packages are closer known
>> to me from this point of view. I have a* few proposals* in mind. But I
>> don't have any idea if they are acceptable within the scope of GSoC
>> 1. Many special functions and polynomials are neither included in NumPy
>> nor on SciPy.. These include Ellipsoidal Harmonic Functions (lames
>> function), Cylindrical Harmonic function. Scipy at present supports only
>> spherical Harmonic function.
>> Further, why cant we extend SciPy  to incorporate* Inverse Laplace
>> Transforms*? At present Matlab has this amazing function *ilaplace* and
>> SymPy does have *Inverse_Laplace_transform* but it would be better to
>> incorporate all in one package. I mean SciPy does have function to evaluate
>> laplace transform
>> After having written this, I feel that this post should have been sent to
>> SciPy
>> but as a majority of contributors are the same I proceed.
>> Please suggest any other possible projects, as I would like to continue
>> with SciPy or NumPy, preferably NumPy as I have been fiddling with its
>> source code for a month now and so am pretty comfortable with it.
>> As for my experience, I have known C for past 4 years and have been a
>> python lover for past 1 year. I am pretty new to open source communities,
>> started before a manth and a half.
> It does sound like scipy might be a better match, I don't think anyone
> would complain if you cross posted. Both scipy and numpy require GSOC
> candidates to have a pull request accepted as part of the application
> process. I'd suggest implementing a function not currently in scipy that
> you think would be useful. That would also help in finding a mentor for the
> summer. I'd also suggest getting familiar with cython.
I don't see you on github yet, are you there? If not, you should set up an
account to work in. See the developer guide
<http://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/dev/>for some pointers.

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