[Numpy-discussion] Second order gradient in numpy

Yuxiang Wang yw5aj at virginia.edu
Thu May 1 17:45:21 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I am trying to calculate the 2nd-order gradient numerically of an
array in numpy.

    import numpy as np
    a = np.sin(np.arange(0, 10, .01))
    da = np.gradient(a)
    dda = np.gradient(da)

This is what I come up. Is the the way it should be done?

I am asking this, because in numpy there isn't an option saying
np.gradient(a, order=2). I am concerned about whether this usage is
wrong, and that is why numpy does not have this implemented.

Thank you!

Yuxiang "Shawn" Wang
Gerling Research Lab
University of Virginia
yw5aj at virginia.edu
+1 (434) 284-0836

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