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> Buenos,
> I'm reading Zuur book (ecology models with R) and try make it entire in
> python.
> Have this function in R:
> M4 <- gam(So ∼ s(De) + factor(ID), subset = I1)
> the 's' term indicated with So is modelled as a smoothing function of De
> I'm looking for something close to this in python.

These kind of general questions are better asked on the scipy-user mailing
list which covers more general topics than numpy-discussion.

As far as I know, GAMs are not available in python, at least I never came
across any.

statsmodels has an ancient GAM in the sandbox that has never been connected
to any smoother, since, lowess, spline and kernel regression support was
missing. Nobody is working on that right now.
If you have only a single nonparametric variable, then statsmodels also has
partial linear model based on kernel regression, that is not cleaned up or
verified, but Padarn is currently working on this.

I think in this case using a penalized linear model with spline basis
functions would be more efficient, but there is also nothing clean
available, AFAIK.

It's not too difficult to write the basic models, but it takes time to
figure out the last 10% and to verify the results and write unit tests.

If you make your code publicly available, then I would be very interested
in a link. I'm trying to collect examples from books that have a python


> Someone can help me?
> abraços,
> Koblitz
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