[Numpy-discussion] ANN: PyViennaCL 1.0.3 -- very easy GPGPU linear algebra

Toby St Clere Smithe pyviennacl at tsmithe.net
Sun May 18 13:05:35 EDT 2014

Hi JB,

Marquette Jean-Baptiste <marquett at iap.fr> writes:
> I could contribute, though I just opened an issue about a compilation
> error on Mavericks 10.9.3. Curiously, the source install seems OK on
> Lion 10.7.5

Great! The issue is because Mavericks has a more recent version of clang
than Lion, and the recent version baulks at something technical in
boost's C++ usage that I can't quite be bothered to understand. Anyway,
I've cherry-picked a fix, if you'd like to try building from git.

If that works, then we could probably cheat, and call that build 1.0.3
as well, since there are no material changes to PyViennaCL itself. Would
you be happy to build Python wheels? It's very simple: just `setup.py
bdist_wheel` if you have the wheel module installed.


Toby St Clere Smithe

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